IOs Location Tracking - Leaving home not working correctly


I’ve been having trouble getting the ios app to reliably track when I’ve left my home. I’ve set up 2 separate automations as a test for when I arrive/leave home. Each of them notifies my phone when I’ve left or arrived home respectively. The trouble I’ve been having is that when I leave home I get notified that I have left, then immediately after I get notified that I have arrived home.

The Logbook shows:
-I’ve left home (6:13am)
-Left home automation triggered(6:13am)
-I’ve arrived home(6:13am)
-Arrived home automation triggered(6:13am)
-I’ve left home(6:16am)
(with no I’ve left home automation triggered)

This leaves me in a state where my house knows I’m away, but the last thing that has triggered are the I’m home automations which leaves the house unlocked. I also don’t have this problem when I Arrive home, as only the I’m home automations trigger.

I am running the Asuswrt component to track devices connected to my router, and I assume gps tracking which the IOs app set up? Could these be conflicting with each other’s tracking and if so, how would I turn one off or set one as a higher priority? Beyond this I have no idea what could be causing this or how to fix it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thank you!

I would check this out, this has worked wonders for my home presence detection.

This was an excellent read and exactly the type of answer I was looking for, thank you! I’ll have to try out one, or many, of the methods he talked about!

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