iOS Notifications not working in 2020.3.1 (1)

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Since updating my Companion App on my iPhone 8 notifications have stopped. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app and the server is working fine. My Wife’s iPhone 6 on 2020.2 (5) works perfectly. The configurations match exactly, only the User ID and Phone ID are different. I’ve tested with both the automation and the developer Tool, so the only thing I can think of is a bug in this release of the App. Any help very welcome! Justin.

To clarify I read the release notes and this version says these issues are fixed, but they are not! At least not if you had the previous buggy version and I don’t fancy upgrading the wife’s phone just to fine out.

Update your Push ID. Verify that it matches your configuration.

Or import it from the server (i.e. home assistant.)

Thanks, Just did that (again) and no joy whatsoever. I’ve just updated the Wife’s phone and that is ok. But she skipped the broken version as she hardly every updates, could it be the broken version broke the upgrade too? Last night at 02:00 isa BST I uninstalled my app and did a 100% fresh install, still will not work on the iPhone 8 13.5.1. The iPhone 6 is 12.4.6.

Oh how do I verify the Push ID?

You’d need to look in the iOS hidden file in the .storage folder. You may just want to re-integrate the mobile_app section for your phone. I doubt the previous version broke it. I’ve had this happen before on many versions of the app.

OK, I do have a few orphaned devices like an old iPAD 3, Is it best to just rename the iOS file and start again? BTW I’m running in YAML mode.

I’m 100% at a loss of what to do now. I’ve uninstalled the app again, run through the setup and even deleted the iOS hidden file, nothing at all, yet the other two devices continue to work. Is there a procedure documented on how to fix this?

Changing the device name did it! Thanks for that! Now to find a way of dealing with the orphaned names of old devices…