IOS Notifications refuse to include thumbnail or attachment

I’m receiving IOS notifications just fine, but no matter what I try, I can never manage to get it to include a thumbnail or attachment. I"m following the instructions outlined in this blog post >

Is it possible something has changed? Running on 0.84.6. Notifications are being sent to an iPhone 7 running IOS 12.1.2 and Home Assistant IOS App v1.1.1.

Below is my Service Data JSON running against the ‘notify.ios_phonename’ service.

“message”: “Test plugin”,
“data”: {
“attachment”: {
"url: “”,
“content-type”: “jpeg”,
“hide-thumbnail”: “false” }



Did you ever figure this out? I am trying the same thing and trying to follow the instructions on the HA website.

I’m in the same boat. Won’t work.

For about half a day I had a camera stream work, but then it stopped working.

Here is my config that used to work, and then stopped working:

  "data": { 
    "push": {
      "sound": "US-EN-Alexa-Motion-At-Front-Door.wav",
      "category": "camera"
    "attachment": {
       "content-type": "jpeg"
    "entity_id": "camera.entrance_camera"