IOs notifications stop working

Seems I am not the only one suffering from notifications all of a sudden stop coming in on my IPhone8 with IOs 14.6?

After i restart the Iphone, everything works again…problem is, i won’t know it stopped until i force a notification to test it….

Not sure how to debug either…should I raise a ticket on github??

Rather than restarting, have you tried just resetting the push id under “App Configuration”, then “Notifications”.

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Thank u, this work for me

Thanks @tom_l , I’ll try that.
But would that stop the app from ‘breaking’, or is it just a faster way of resetting the phone?

Also makes me wonder, is there any way to debug what goes wrong??

It used to be that you had to update the push id whenever you changed actionable notifications. I don’t see that in the docs any more so :man_shrugging:

This sounds a little bit like No notifications received if local push is disabled when connected trough Internal URL and SSID is set · Issue #1799 · home-assistant/iOS · GitHub – if this happens on Wi-Fi, please give the latest TestFlight build a try and see if that helps. If it does not, opening a GitHub issue would be useful along with looking for any error messages in your HA server.

hmm…sounds indeed very much alike…

will try to catch the logs when it happens, and attach it to the gitticket.
So far, resetting the push_id as suggested by @tom_l seems to have solved for now.

will keep an eye on this :nerd_face:

Thanks @zacwest !!