iOS Presence bouncing between locations 40 miles away


I recently moved, and ever since adjusting my Home location in zones.yaml, both my wife and my iPhones GPS presence bounces between the old home location and new home location, which makes Home/Away automations impossible.

Each iPhone device tracker triggers Home when we enter our new predefined geofence, but then shortly thereafter (3-10 minutes) the next location poll indicates we are at the old address, which is 40 miles away.

I feel like I’m missing something easy, because such a wide swing seems odd.

Any thoughts? I thought perhaps it was a caching issue on my iPhone, but her device was never setup with the companion app until now.

I had this issue when I moved. I think its Apple’s implementation of WiFi assisted location tracking. Have you kept the same SSID on your WiFi? I changed mine for a few days and it didn’t happen. My solution was to set up a zone at the old location called ‘ignore’ and build that into my automations (if zone = ignore then ignore the update). Proper pain…

Yes - the SSID for my WiFi is the same for the new location. That is a good workaround worth investigating. I wonder if there is a way to flush that out of iOS in some way.

That would also explain why my wife’s phone, although never having the Companion App installed, is plagued with the issue, too. Her phone was most certainly setup for the same WiFi at the old address.

I reset Location and Privacy under Settings → General → Reset on my phone, but left my wife’s as the constant for now to see if that resolves the issue. If not, I will reset the Network Settings in the same area and check.

Hey, I have the exact same problem, how did you solved it?