iOS push notification with map category

i setup the iOS platform with just an
in my config. No extra notification platform added.
I can sent normal notifications but the following just won’t work. The message itself is delivered, i can even force touch on it to get an expanded view, but the map doenst show, just a big blank square with the notification text below…
If i hardcode a gps location i get a ‘loading map’ icon in expanded view but nothing ever shows…

alias: Koen vertrekt ergens, stuur travel time
  platform: state
  entity_id: device_tracker.1
  to: 'not_home'
  - condition: and
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ trigger.from_state.state != 'not_home' }}"
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ trigger.from_state.state != 'home' }}"
  - service: notify.ios_iphone_van_koen
      message: "Koen komt thuis in ongeveer {{ states.sensor.travel_time_to_home.state }} minuten."
          category: map
          latitude: "{{ states.device_tracker.iphone_van_koen.attributes.latitude }}"
          longitude: "{{ states.device_tracker.iphone_van_koen.attributes.longitude }}"

the states.device_tracker.iphone_van_koen.attributes.longitude works in the template editor, it shows a gps coordinate…

am i missing something obvious or is templating not possible with the map location?
(im aware the device tracker that changes state is different to the one i’m sending location of)

Join me on Gitter and I can help you debug this in real time.

Sorry, different time zones. I just went to bed after posting this…
do you need logs? What do I need to add to logger to get the iOS debug stuff?

What was the resolution to this?

Was there a solution to this? I also have this happening now. Notification comes through but no thumbnail, and in expanded view there is just a big white empty space with the message data below.

I’m sorry. Sold my iPhone.

Thanks a shame.

I’ve been playing a bit lately with different things, and still cannot get this to work. Is there a dev around who can help?

I had trouble figuring this out when following the example in the docs, the solution was pretty simple in the end - just have to change “data” to “data_template” and then it will work. Here’s my full working notification for anybody else who might be searching for the solution.

      - service: notify.ios_seans_iphone_xs
          title: "Left Car"
          message: "You've exited the car."
            url: ""
              category: "map"
              latitude: "{{states.device_tracker.life360_sean.attributes.latitude}}"
              longitude: "{{states.device_tracker.life360_sean.attributes.longitude}}"
              category: "car"
              badge: 0
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Thanks @SeanM. Such a simple fix has taken so long. I’ve just got around to fixing my iOS notifications since getting my new XS Max. Good to see I finally have the map working now too.


The simple fix of change data to data_template, doesn’t work for me? Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

The notification appears but there is a white/black screen on the section where the map supposed to be.

Below the configuration I have:

service: notify.mobile_app_iphone11
  message: "Some test message"
  title: "Alarm"
    url: ''
        name: "default"
        critical: 1
        volume: 1
      category: "map"
        latitude: "{states.device_tracker.mobile_app_iphone11.attributes.latitude}"
        longitude: "{states.device_tracker.mobile_app_iphone11.attributes.longitude}"

If I change the latitude and longitude from:

latitude: "{xxx}"


latitude: "{{xx}}"

the notification does not appear at all on the iPhone
I’m using Home Assistant in docker on a raspberryPi4 (Raspian GNU/Linux 10 buster)

  • Home Assistant Core:core-2021.2.3
  • Home Assistant Supervisor: supervisor-2021.02.9
  • Home Assistant Companion: 2012.2.2 (2012.55)
  • iPhone iOS: 14.4

Is there anybody around who can help me?


You get the notifcation on the phone? And tried a long push on the notify?