IOS reminders with HA?

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Is there any component or something that lets HA integrate to the Reminders app in IOS? I’m sure something can be rigged with IFTTT, but I’m wondering if something has already been written.

I’m basically looking to have an IOS reminder, when it alerts, run an HA service.

I’d you have a Mac this can most likely be done with AppleScript.

I don’t have a mac.

I’ve found a workaround. I can use ifttt to move an appointment to Todoist, and Todoist can be synced to Google calendar. From there, HA integrates with gcal. Really long chain, but there seems to be no better way to do it.

might be a late reply but you can use “shortcuts” in iOS to setup IFTT, for any one else who’s looking for a solution for this