iOS Screen Mirroring

So this is just more of a curiosity question, was using screen mirroring to TV for another purpose and happened to click into HA app… and noticed that it will only show my first “Overview” page, and clicking other views in my HA does not do anything in the mirrored image. Tried it on two iOS devices and same result. Just curious if it’s just something with my settings or if this is an expected result. If anyone is willing to try please let me know.

Did you get anywhere with this? Also stumbled across the same

No, never really tried again either

Just happen to use it to show off my friends. It’s still have the same issue.

Any workaround yet?

bumping this thread

+1. Been puzzled with this for a long time.

It is actually opening a second, uncontrollable WebView for that external display. That’s not super helpful, so it’s going to start mirroring in the next release, maybe with a setting to choose which behavior.

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