IOS selection list not working

Hi am having the following issue:

When having a drop down menu, e.g. input_select or other selection on IOS it is not possible to choose all values.
**Home Assistant release: 0.62.1
**Python release:3.4
**Component/platform: IOS - iPhone 6S
**Description of problem:

Scroll the menu and choose all values

Problem-relevant configuration.yaml entries and steps to reproduce:
In this case it is a fan.yaml with:

      - low
      - medium
      - high    


Someone an idea?

I’ve flagged this here:

Thanks! I did not find that. Hoping that the polymer bug will be found soon.

Still an issue with version 0.66 when using iOS app.

Heating Card - iOS app - ‘operation’ - can only select the first two items - ‘auto’ and ‘heat’. Cannot select ‘off’. On Chrome on MacOS can select all three.

Posted on GitHub discussion too: