iOS web frontend not loading

iOS 7 safari can’t get beyond loading page (ha logo and spinning loader). I realise everyone will just say “upgrade to iOS 9” or whatever but i’d like to understand what’s happening. The initial connection is logged in HA log but no errors or other info showing up.

I know there is a bug out there that stops the front end from loading if you are using the emulated_hue component.

thanks but not using that component - i will however try a stripped down yaml to see if there is a specific component that is causing the issue.

Did you add HA to your homescreen? I had a similar issue awhile back. I don’t recall specially what fixed it but some combination of removing and or changing the password and clearing all my cookies seemed to do the trick. It would load in Chrome but not the safari link that I added to my homescreen. I may have given the phone a fresh boot also.

I had the same problem.

Ah - ok. as suspected, the attitude is ‘stop using ios7’ :sob:

guess i’ll build a homepage for myself…

iOS 7 is 3 versions behind, iOS 10 being the latest, so I wouldn’t expect much on going support for that old of a version.

As I said, I get it’s old. I just wanted to understand what the frontend was relying on that prevented it working on older browsers. The ideal approach for web development is progressive enhancement if possible, so old, unexpected, or strangely configured browsers see as much as possible, rather than a message saying ‘upgrade’. But I’m not the one who has to support this thing - grateful for the fact it exists.

Hmm; I’m getting this problem on safari on iOS7. It’s disappointing that it’s just fobbed off as no longer supported; iOS7 is the last version that runs well (i.e. not terribly laggy) on an iPad 2

Sure - lots of reasons why people don’t necessarily run the latest (or even next-to-next-to-next-to latest) OS on their devices. But it takes real effort to support older browsers, especially if you’re relying on JS frameworks to do the heavy lifting. In my case, I just don’t access HA from my phone. I’ve got an android device that does very little apart from manage my HA setup, and that works fine (with the obvious exception of history, which has huge lag and is barely useable - but that applies to any device I try.)

Not how I’d like it to be, but I think it’s enough of a corner case that there’s no real pressure or desire to change it.