iOS widgets question?

Hi all,

Someone can explain me the difference between the both widgets ?

The first (best design) open HA when i click on item.
The second, don t open HA (like shortcut) what i prefere but the windows size is not enought ans i dont know how extend.

Can i have some help ? Thx

The first widget is the iOS 14+ widget, which can be placed anywhere on any home screen. The second is the pre-14 widget which is limited in placement.

The major difference is that iOS does not allow the newer style widget to be interactable – it must and can only launch the app, which triggers the action to fire.

Ok thx i understand better.

The seconde is fine for me, but can i adjust the size ? If you look you have the same button between the both but the second is to small for the 5e button :sweat_smile:


It is limited but you can tap the “>” chevron to expand it.

Thx for your reply, do you know where i need to insert this chevron ?

In configuration.yaml i think

This is the chevron (red circle):

It’s not something you can configure.

A yes i didnt see the chevron to extend the widget :sweat_smile:

Thx for your help!