iOS15 and WatchOS8 Complications Issue

I had never looked into creating watch complications previously. I started messing around today but cannot seem to get them to update, even with the manual “update_complications” but then realized I am running both beta iOS and WatchOS software. Was just curious if anyone running those betas can get their complications to update.

I am not aware of any iOS 15 / watchOS 8 issues with complications. One thing of note that is often the issue is that the complications are incredibly face-specific; make sure you’re creating a complication for the correct watch face you’re trying to add it to.

I am having the same issue where I was not getting updates. I removed the watch app and reinstalled it and now I am not even getting actions synced to the watch. Something is definitely going on with iOS 15. I can’t complain due to beta status, just hoping it gets fixed before release!

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