IOT Mechanical Hijacking Device

“The paper doesn’t directly address the cost of the MHD, and with three motors and some other electronics in it, it’s not likely to be super cheap. I’d expect it to cost at least USD $100, although perhaps it could get somewhat cheaper in volume.”

Why on earth even build a prototype if you know it will be far to expensive?
What device/appliance would you add $100 (probably noisy) device on to get a button pusher?

Sure the coffee machine in the video is probably more expensive than $100 but why not get a new one instead of it’s that important.


For pushing a button there’s also already a cheaper less invasive product → Switchbot

Although this device is a lot more versatile than switchbot the. It’s not in any way worth the price

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Totally agree, this thing looks just so ridiculuous next to a light switch :joy:

Tho it would be kind of “cool” to show off your own tiny robot I think the novelty (and usefullness) would wear off pretty quickly.

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If its servos inside then it’s probably quite noisy also.