IoTaWatt HA Config with individual meter box switches

Hi, I recently bought an IoTaWatt (configured, not yet installed) and I’m struggling with the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard config.

I followed the Home Assistant Energy instructions on the IoTaWatt docs page and added my import output to HA Grid Consumption, export output to HA Return to Grid, and my solar input to the HA Solar Production.

But where do I add the CTs that go on the rest of my switches? e.g. Air con, oven, power 1, power 2, lights 1, lights 2. I’ve added some energy monitoring smart switches to the HA Individual Devices, but the rest of my CTs seem more like a step between the individual devices and the grid import/export.

And since I have a CT on the main switch, do I still need separate import and export outputs in my IoTaWatt config?