IP_bans.yaml keeps reappearing

RPi4. Just migrated to an SSD, and upgraded to OS 8.2 in the process. Restored from a 2-day-old backup, with no other changes. Everything seems to work fine, until I tried to configure HASS Agent, and found out I can’t log in remotely via my DuckDNS server, from within the network.

I found an IP ban yaml file in the file explorer. deleted it, restarted HA. File was back. The weird thing is, it’s banning the gateway IP… 192.xxx.xxx.1

I can log in on my phone with (wifi off, using cellular data), my Google assistant stuff still works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like HASS agent has invalid credentials.

It’s not just the Agent. Nothing connected to my local network can connect to my duckdns server.

I changed the “ip_ban_enabled” to “false” in my configuration.yaml, and everything could connect just fine.Though I’d rather have that be “true”, for the added security.

Try just disabling HASS agent. That is what is causing your router to be banned - disabling access from anything that uses the router.

You are correct. It’s working as it should now.

I guess I’ll have to go without HASS Agent for now. It didn’t really do what I wanted anyway.

That’s bad practice on my part… Change one thing at a time. That way, you can always go back to the last thing that changed, if/when troubleshooting is required.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Exactly same as my situation. Some days ago, ip_bans.yaml keeps appearing after delete. Not only when I use local network but also external network, the IP banned after some minutes. I also set “ip_ban_enabled” to “false” to solve the problem temporarily. I really want to know the reason. :frowning: