IP Camera brand recommendations


To start off, I just wanna say I’m a bit pissed at Eufy/Anker. I have one of their camera’s (the ~€50 PTZ model) for indoor recording. I’m pretty pleased with it. I use RTSP to stream to Frigate 24/7. Frigate then decides what to record and what not. I was now looking at an outdoor camera with floodlight, when I discovered Eufy’s outdoor models don’t support 24/7 RTSP streaming, and a lot of users have been requesting it over the years.

Since the wife and I still use Eufy’s app to control the pan, tilt, zoom functionality, and to view the live stream when I’m not home, I wanted all my camera’s to be of the same brand, so we only have to have one app for the cameras on our phones (both iPhones).

So before I lock myself in for an other brand I want to ask if anyone has any brand recommendations. A brand that preferably has a wide variety of camera’s (outdoor, indoor, wired, wireless, 4G capabilities maybe for all the way in the back of the yard, …) that all support RTSP or have an other way of easy integration with HA/Frigate.

Alternatively: does anyone know of a third party app (for iPhone) that lets you view/control (as in pan, tilt, zoom for those that support it) a variety of IP cameras of different brands (preferably including eufy so I can keep using that one). All advice is appreciated!


I’m running 13 Amcrest cameras (5 are PTZ) at home on Blue Iris, and the Blue Iris integration with Home Assistant.
I’ve been happy with them and they all support RTSP.

Just my $.02.