IP camera no live view

Hello all,

I’ve spent all day moving from Domoticz to HA and love it so far (less the manual process of developing the config file!). I’ve successfully got an rtsp stream from an IP camera to display on the dashboard, updating every 10 seconds using ffmpeg. However when I click on the image to view a live stream it doesn’t load anything, no matter how long I leave it for. I can’t see any errors appearing in syslog when I do this so am not sure what to check next?



What device are you using as HA server?
How you install HA? (Docker, hass.io, venv,etc)
What component you use to display camera?
When you click image, you get nothing or just same image?

RPi 2
Hassbian image
I get no image at all, just the popup box with the camera name.

Camera live view rely on ffmpeg (resource intense)
Possible Rpi performance is issue.

I had this issue when I ran on Rpi(didn’t even know live view possible until I moved to Linux server)

Try reduce original video resolution(1080x720 to 720x480 for example). Maybe this will be easier transition for Rpi.

This is guess from me, but maybe someone else can point to a different cause. Like I said, haven’t used Rpi in while so not sure what capability it has in regards to this