IP camera Object Detection, alerting and record automation

Integration of Object Detection into Home Assistant is likely one of the most interesting topics for home automation. And I’m happy to share with you with almost ready solution, that you can easily integrate into your Home Assistant.

My project will be interesting for thouse people who want to detect objects on their ip camera, and based on detected object, trigger some actions inside Hass (such as start recording or send email/notifications). In same time script is able to record video files by using ffmpeg and maintain storage. Simple HTTP server

Installation is quite easy and well documented here:
Installation and first startup
You will need to install ffmpeg and tensorflow, then just clone repository and setup your ip camera.

I’m already using this system for several months and can say that object detection does excellent job on protecting and alerting me and my territory. So hope that you will also enjoy this.

If you have any question, I’m ready to help.


Very nice! Any possibility it will work with a Google’s Coral?

Hi Adam, thanks, I didn’t test it on Coral, but sure that it should work everywhere where tensorflow is able to work. So if you able to test, then you are more than welcome, I will do my best to support you on that.

I’m having 9 ip camera, running detection on all of them in the same time, and more over need to encode video for all streams. That’s why I’m running it on Ubuntu Server with one old but well working NVidia GPU.

PS: I build this script with keeping in mind that it will run even on weak hardware, as for me it is a security system and must be stable and reliable. Even if you don’t have hardware support for tensorflow, it will work on CPU, but with extremely low fps. Most important for me that main tasks as detection and alerting will work anyway