IP camera on dashboard Home Assistant

Hi there,
I am new to the raspberry pi fam, and i have a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with an sd card with a HASSOS flash file.
With the Add-On ‘File Editor’ i have in the /config/configuration.yaml

my camera section


  • platform: ffmpeg
    name: IPCAM_oprit

    main stream = big window

    input: rtsp://admin:(passwoord)@

  • platform: ffmpeg
    name: IPCAM_voordeur

    main stream = big window

    input: rtsp://admin:(passwoord)@

i have put a way the paswoord ^^

I have 2 different Samsung tablets and everything works fine except the Samsung Tab A8 32gb (SM-X200) it does nothing, a gray screen in the grid on the dashboard.
I got also a Samsung Tab S7 128GB LTE (SM-T875NZKAEUB) he does well on this
if i go to my Windows desktop and http://homeassistant.local:8123 it work also fine

how to fix this? or is the Samsung tab A8 tablet to weak?

sorry for my bad english
thanks in advance

Did you fix this problem? I have got the same problem (same tablet).

Same here with the A8. Tested with vlc on the A8 and the is working.