IP Camera recommendations

Looking to get a IP camera. Ideally something that integrates with HA. Or at the very least Zoneminder

The only thing that is a hard requirement is the device have some sort of internally available configuration. Be it via a local web interface or some kind of script. What I don’t want is a device that can only be managed by a proprietary gateway or proprietary app (for example a app that only runs on Windows)

I’m posting here since I’d like to get something that just integrates into HA, that will maybe do motion detection, etc. But I’m willing to put some work in to get those things configured.


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I use nothing but Foscam cameras. I have 6 right now.

relatively inexpensive and they work really well and easily integrate with HA.

Which models are you using?

I started using them a few years back and have bought them as needed so I have a mix of older and newer models. But even the older ones are still working fine.

FI9900P V4
R2 V5

Nice! Thanks for the suggestions

Also for reference here is a post I made a while back discussing the same thing and I gave examples of the picture quality:

Thanks for linking me to that post! Good stuff

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This any use?

Nice! I’ll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

There’s a quick summary of how I use it in this thread. What are my options for a HA compatible doorbell

Reolink cameras might be close to what you want. I have two RLC-410Ws. They can be blocked from the internet completely if you want. You can still access them with the Reolink app if you are on the same network. There’s also a web interface. It’s Flash but Reolink has promised a more modern ui “soon”. Protocol support includes etc. Onvif, RTSP/RTMP. You can find the URLs needed with google.

There’s motion detection, but I find it too sensitive. That’s why I have set up additional object detection.

Yep, I’m thinking of having something else handle the motion detection. Are you able to listen to the audio with anything other than the app or web interface?


I don’t really need audio, but I just tried and the answer is yes you are. I enabled audio recording and it now encodes audio into the RTSP stream. I’m currently listening it in Home Assistant (lots of wind noise, although the wind is quite strong currently).

Very nice! How did you enable it in Home Assistant?

It’s using the Onvif integration.

Ah, perfect! Thanks!

Does anyone use cloud for recording IP camera’s video? Is there any solution for it in HA?