IP devices - address change, how to reconfigure in HA

I have a few different IP based devices, mostly Shelly. They were not set to have a static address (my bad), so when I rebooted my router, they all got handed an updated IP. Which in turn broke my automations related to them.

Is there a way to change the associated IP address in HA to reflect what they have now?

I see that in .storage/core.config_entries I can see the IP that HA wants to communicate with. Do I have to manually adjust the config file, or is there a GUI way to 1)find the IP it want to communicate with and 2) change the IP to what they are now? Yes, alternately I can assigned a static address from the config file for the devices in my router, and that is what I have done in the interim.


There is no gui way


Then edit the ip in the file. I would strongly suggest using a static ip for everything on your network unless there is some technical reason you cannot.

Thanks. That’s what I’ll do.
I was just too excited to get the new devices in HA that I never assigned them static addresses.