IP of other add-on without Admin role

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a add-on to use cloudflared tunnels with HA:

As an option, you can use the incoming tunnel to forward any requests to Nginx Proxy Manager. For that, I need to know that the add-on is installed and get the IP (in the internal docker network).

To do that, I am doing a couple of things right now, that I am not 100% happy with:

  1. I need to find the name of the add-one, since the slag itself is not enough (it has the Github hash in front of it, so I am doing the following (I know that the slag of the add-on is “nginxproxymanager”):
npm_name="$(grep nginxproxymanager <<< "$(bashio::addons.installed)")"

Is there any other way to get the name of the addon when knowing the slag?

  1. Once I have the name, I can get the IP by doing that:
npm_ip="$(bashio::addon.ip_address "$npm_name")"

From my tests, I learned that to do those API call I need to give my add-on the role “admin”, which I do not really like. Is there any other way (maybe even without the name), to get the IP of the installed add-on? Or is there a way to work with DNS-names?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.