iPad App: Lovalace stops showing accurate states

Hey everyone,

I have a weird problem with my iPad running the home assistant app.
I use it as a wall mounted dashboard to control my home.
It is set to guided access and turns on automatically when motion is detected.

Since updating to iOS 15, I have a weird problem, that after a while the lovelace UI seems to stop updating. From this point it won’t reflect the real state of my devices anymore.
Even if I switch between views the states are not correctly updating.
I have to manually refresh the dashboard by pulling down.

This is obviously really annoying because it defies the purpose of just glancing at it when you pass by.

I have no idea why it happend, but before everytime I would walk by I would see a “Reconnecting…” in the buttom left corner, which is gone now…

Any ideas what I can try to fix this?

Help is much appreciated.


I am experiencing similar issues since upgrading to IOS 15, both on my iPad (original Air 2) and iPhone (XR).

Attached is a screenshot from my iPad showing my lights and their state. As you can see, some graphics are missing. Clicking on them doesn’t do anything. If I load another tab then go back to my lights, they appear and work correctly.

Yes, my LoveLace is very simple but all was fine before IOS 15 update (not yet upgraded to IOS 15.0.1).