iPad app only shows lovelace, cannot control devices

Raspberry pi4, 32gb Sandisk Micro SD (A1, A2 card on order…)
Connected via Ethernet straight into router.
Hass: 0.110.2
iPad MD513B/A (4th Gen) Old iPad, trying to “repurpose” it as people apparently easily do… not me.

I have been having quite the week with HomeAssistant, and whilst most of the system seems to fall over every time I try do something, this one has absolutely no record on the web of it happening to anyone else so here we go.

Installed the Hass app on the above iPad, logged in all fine, can see lovelace. My current overview page just shows control of all my smart plugs, bulbs and media players (by room) with a live camera feed off one ip camera.

However, if I try to turn something on/off, whilst the switch icon in the UI seems to be working A-OK, it actually does nothing. The lights dont come on, the plugs dont switch, nothing. Furthermore, if I try and enter the settings/Supervisor, it cannot load. it also cannot load integrations (File Editor, Conbee etc etc.)

Things I’ve tried:
Factory reset the iPad, given it a different name and assigning it a static IP
Updating Hass to .2 from .1
Restarting Hass 2 or 3 times…

Any help appreciated !!

Another addition to this, the app on my new iPad shows me all options on the LHS panel, including one for “app configuration”. Old iPad does not include this.

However, sometimes it does. Others I only have the options for lovelace and history. etc. etc. Very strange. Im sat next to my router as well…

To add, I have exactly the same symptoms loading HASS via safari.