iPad in guided access mode - screen keeps being woken up

I’m trying to use companion app on mini iPad with iOS 15 in guided access mode. The problem is, the screen gets woken up periodically even if tablet is not being used and turned screen down. Screen is not put back to sleep and this is draining battery very quickly. Is this an intended behaviour of the app?

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Having exact same issue since last few updates … weird. My iPad will not dim or sleep when using app.

Hello! I have the same issue on my iPad Air 2 with iPadOS 15.7.1. I have discovered, that this only happens if video is detected by iPadOS. I have several tabs in HA. At most of the tabs screen turns black in guided access mode, but only there where entities with no video motion are being displayed. On one tab I stream the video from my camera, there it won’t turn black.
Interestingly, the same situation (tab with video stream from my camera in HA app) on my iPhone 12 mini (with iOS 16) will turn the display black in guided access mode.