iPad used for dashboard in kicthen, keeps stop updating

Hi, Tried a lot already, hope to get some ideas.

My problem is the iPad used as a dashboard in the kitchen stops updating the lovelace-dashboard, at random times. It was stable until 1½-2 month ago.

HAOS on a RPi, normally on latest version. I do not think it is related to HA version, was a problem on 2022.07 and continued on 2202.08. Might also be a problem earlier, only to a less extend. However, I do not think it is HA related.

HA Companion app is latest version, 2022.387 (2022.08) is updating automatically. I have disabled the “close connection after 5 minutes”

Using a iPad Pro from 2017, running 15.6.1 (updated yesterday to check if this solves the problem). I can not say for sure if the problem is related to IOS version, the iPad updates it self during the night. iPad is setup to never go into lock mode, hence the screen will not turn off.

I have been changing the wifi network, both tried on a 2.4GHz and 5GHz and even on a special SSID with only the iPad attached. I beleive it have good access to the accesspoint, they are close and all other devices are stable on the access point

I have implemented a clock on the dashboard, to easily see if it is updated.

So, what happens.
Everything look good and I can use the dashboard as expected. If I leave it for a period it will stop updating the dashboard. It is easy to get working again, just swipe down on the screen and it updates.
I have looked in the logs, and there is nothing at the time it stops updating. There is a location update when I swipe down.

Im out of ideas, except go out and buy a different tablet for the kitchen dashboard, and hope for stability.

Hope to get some inspiration, what are Im missing.

Not much feedback, however have made one additional change. If it helps others later.

I was earlier using browser-mod integration from HCAS to change the dashboard. After deleting the integration (and the files in the custom components folder), and a reboot of HA, and a reset of the companion app. All this to make sure it was not cached. Then my iPad dashboard is significantly more stable, to the extend it have been running for 24 hours with no connection loss. A huge improvement.

Final solution is different than browser_mod.

For dashboards where graphs are included, make sure the full dashboard can be shown on the screen without the need for a scroll-bar. The scrollbar is not visible, however still generates the problem.

After removing a few cards, ensuring everything is visible on the screen without need for scrolling, it have been rock solid.

I have been having this issue with mine, similar scenario with a similar aged iPad - updated. It was fine for ages and has recently started to do this but narrowed it down to overnight, pulling down on the screen will not refresh and just spins so every day I have to shutdown and restart and its fine all day - next morning I restart again. I was beginning to think it wash maybe cache related but you solution I will try first.