Ipad wont connect to server. error code NSURLErrorDomain -1001

Hi I wonder if anyone could help me, I’m new to home assistant, I had Home assistant running on the iOS companion app on my iPad and everything was ok, then I accidently closed the windows system 32 cmd.exe on my pc (not sure if this caused the problem) but my app on iPad will no longer connect to server, it finds my server automatically but when I go to connect it takes ages then pops up with FAILED TO CONNECT and the Error code NSURLErrorDomain -1001, it was popping up with a red bar at the bottom of the screen with a different error and gave me the option to go in and debug but that didn’t fix the problem, then I decided to delete and reinstall the app but that didn’t fix the problem either, not sure how to fix this one any idea’s much help would be appreciated.

-1001 is a timeout occurring; in other words, the server attempting to be connected to isn’t responding. You should double check the IP address you’re attempting to connect to and make sure it’s the right one for the server, that you’re on the right Wi-Fi network, etc.

This started appearing on my iPhone today. Never been a problem until the most recent HA release. :frowning:

Home Assistant Core version core-2021.11.4
iOS version 14.8.1
Trust Asset Version 14
Trust Store Version 2021060900

Updated to iOS 15.1 last night to get updated security certificates. Did not help.

Trust Asset Version 14
Trust Store Version 2021072200

Did you ever find a fix for this?
It just started for me today. The problem is so far is occurring on my iPhone/iPad (iOS 15.7) Home Assistant 2022.10.4.
My desktop PC is able to connect, and iOS notifications are still received on my iPhone.
Very strange, as it was fine when I went to bed and then I woke up and it’s broken now.

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Also hoping for a resolution here… I’ve been using Nabu Casa until this month and using Nginx Proxy Manager and Cloduflare I know get this error. Desktop works fine but Mobile does not even though notifications come through. I’ve read all the other threads available on this issue and no body has a successful resolution to this particular issue. I’ve tried all the Nginix configurations in the other threads without any success.

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Same problem. Would love an answer so I can get on with my life lol.

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Check whether the iPad/iPhone is not using a private address on the home wifi network. For more information about this option, see the following link: Use private Wi-Fi addresses on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch - Apple Support

If this option is enabled, it may result in the error message “NSURLErrorDomain -1001”

How did you connect on the desktop, which IP did you use?

This fixed my problem.

I had the same issues, and all i did was DC from wifi and reconnected. Then remove Home asistant, rebooted then installed it again then another reboot.

Went to App store downloaded it again. It was still not connected but somehow I got to setting and I click on something that said Activate not fully sure my process as I was doing things fast to look around in the setting I was getting but just search or look for activate and make sure you accept all permissions on the install.

All backup and running after 15 mins to fig it!

Hope this helps