IPCAM API events HA integration via Appdaemon

Hi, Home Assisters, I am recently new to HA, MQTT, Appaemon and new here. I’m thoroughly enjoying HA and have gained lots of great knowledge by researching this forum and posts.

I am presently working on an automation involving a Tasmato enabled security light, intended to come on during sunset when someone causes a tripwire and/or cross region event to fire from my IPCAM. I followed the below instructions originally, which worked for a week or so, but have become broken, possibly due to the updates.

My dilemma is that I can see the events in the Appdeamon Log, example below, but they appear absent in HA. I have copied other relevant info below and hope someone can help me resolve this.

My Tasmota enabled light is connected to the same MQTT broker and has been picked up by the MQTT client via discovery in HA. That way I know that works correctly.

My versions are her for reference.
Home Assistant OS 6.2
Supervisor Version - supervisor-2021.06.8
AppDaemon 4 version: 0.6.
Mosquitto broker version: 6.0.1 [via AppDaemon (AD), tried also running this outside AD]
Running on a QNAP server using the latest official VM OVA build.

All help is gratefully received.

Appdeamon Log - example copied out

2021-08-02 21:42:59.682740 INFO DahuaMQTT: [] Publishing MQTT. topic=cameras/21, payload={“code”: “CrossLineDetection”, “action”: “Start”, “index”: “0”, “data”: {“Class”: “Normal”, “DetectLine”: [[2039, 2333], [2821, 1750], [6043, 3369], [7627, 4729], [7190, 8193]], “Direction”: “RightToLeft”, “EventSeq”: 162, “FrameSequence”: 2706237, “GroupID”: 162, “Mark”: 0, “Name”: “Car_Light_21”, “Object”: {“Action”: “Appear”, “BoundingBox”: [5072, 2144, 5760, 4096], “Center”: [5416, 3120], “Confidence”: 0, “FrameSequence”: 0, “ObjectID”: 1123, “ObjectType”: “Unknown”, “RelativeID”: 0, “Source”: 0.0, “Speed”: 0, “SpeedTypeInternal”: 0}, “PTS”: 43003552160.0, “RuleId”: 2, “Source”: 52503696.0, “Track”: null, “UTC”: 1627940579, “UTCMS”: 535}}