Iphone alarm as automation triger?

This may not be the right place to ask this question if not feel free to move it. I was wondering if there is anyway to have an automation activate a scene when my phone alarm goes off? Reason being I do not wake up at the exact same time every day. I would like to as soon as my alarm goes of for all of the lights in the house start getting brighter and the bedroom fan turn off.

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Since I am not an iOs user I can’t give any specific help. But maybe homebridge might be useful to implement something like that.

I think this is best done on the iPhone itself. I have already put in an enhancement request to Apple for exactly this.

They should expose the bedtime alarm in iOS 10 to HomeKit so it can be used as an automation trigger in the (iOS) Home App. It can then call/trigger a Home Assistant scene.

Alternatively, we need an alarm clock component in Home Assistant that is as easy to use as an App on the phone.

What would also work is a hidden alarm clock component in Home Assistant that can be set to activate at specific times. This will allow you to ask Siri to set the HA alarm for a specific time each night before going to bed which can then activate the (HA) wake-up scene.


Out of total curiosity, do you have a radar for that?

Hi Robbie,

I don’t have any plans to do this yet as I’m still struggling to get my Paradox Alarm integrated.


Oh you said you filed an enhancement request with Apple, I assumed you meant you filed a Radar.

No, just via the iOS feedback page.

I’m running a copy of the iOS public beta. Would it make any difference to log an enhancement via the public beta?

From what I read (now). Even logging a Radar as a registered developer does not increase your chances of it getting looked at.

I also think the iPhone’s Alarm clock should be a component in Homekit. But it should work both ways. Also when a motion sensor is triggered because I have intruder my house, than my alarm clock goes off and I’m awaken. Even if I’m on holidays and I’m not sleeping at home. I’d like to set which iPhones, iPads… shall be triggered (also my wifes for example).