Iphone App Error NSURLErrorDomain -1200

The HA app on iPhone has started to display error

An SSl error has occured and a secure connection to the server can not be made NSURLErrorDomain -1200

I am also using the app on an android and it does not have the same error and works fine.

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I was able to reconnect with the iPhone HA app after logging in locally and using the server reboot function in the configuration screen. I suppose rebooting the pi server would have also worked.
Previously I deleted and reloaded the app but that didn’t work.

Getting this a lot now too
How did you fix it?

Me too. A solution would be great if anyone has one

For mine I found that my wifi network was no longer listed as a local connection in the app. Changed that, reset home assistant and it’s worked since.

I am using cloudflare for DNS & Nginx as reverse Proxy.For ssl I am using Let’s Encrypt.

If someone runs into this issue down the road, I found 1 possible solution. If you’re using NGINX as a reverse proxy for external SSL access, you need to port forward 443 to 443 on your HA device. I was forwarding 443 to 8123 and it didn’t work (forgot my router settings when I did a factory reset)

I checked via Open Port checker if port 443 was open and it came back closed. I restarted the ISP modem and the problem was resolved.