iPhone distance detection

Hi everybody.

I’m running my new HA and I discovered that my iPhone detection is not accurate at all.
For example:

Yesterday I was out of home several times:
From 09.20 to 11.00
From 12.00 to 13.30
From 18.00 to 19.20
But it looked like I was always home. And then, I see a different location between 20.19 and 22.36… when I was absolutely home chilling with my wife.
What’s wrong with my configuration?

Could you help provide more information?
Is this a Device Tracker entity or something else? What is the integration you are using?
Could you go to Developer Tools and then States and show us what the state is and what the attributes are?
Could you go to Configuration and then Devices, find this iPhone, and let us know what you see?

I expect my HA detects when my iPhone is out of home so to allow me to perform certain tasks in the future according to my iPhone’s position.
So I expect the device detection stat in the opening post should reveal me when the device si at home and when’s not, according to “home radius size” set in the zone tab.

The actual state is HOME (device.tracker.giuseppes_iphone), in the attributes I see the source type is GPS and then the latitude/longitude features that should represent my actual address.

In the configuration page I see all the informations and stats of the previous two days, from my sim provider to floors ascended and descended, to connection type and else. Firmare seems updated to the last one and Diagnostics say “in home”

Depends on what exactly the configuration / integration you are using to detect iPhone location, and there are maybe 5-10 different ways to do exactly that, each has its pros and cons.

So still not enough information to work with… A couple of screenshots could be a good start.

For me, I started when the iOS Companion App is not yet a thing. So am using a combination of nmap integration, homekit integration + boolean setup. Probably over-engineered / not ideal / not the best, but it works, so no need to change.