iPhone GPS Terrible Today

Doesn’t matter if it’s Life360 or the Mobile App or any other tracker. All our iPhone’s are jumping all over the place. Why does this happen?

Huh. All apps are failing? Then that isn’t a problem with Home Assistant, it’s a problem with your iPhones.

I didn’t think it was a HA problem, I thought this would be a good place to discuss it. Considering it happens infrequently, when it does it happens to all the fams iPhones at the same time seems to point to some sort of service disruption. Maybe a cell tower in the area that has become a ‘Frequent Location’ going on the frits or something.

Still fighting this issue, I guess it’s not a hot topic here.

If it’s not about HA, but you still want to discuss it, it should be in Uncategorized…

You have low power mode set on all the iphones? Do you have location services set to Always?

No to low power, and yes to Always. Normally this works, but intermittently I’ll have several days of unreliable activity on location.

Is your GPS symbol a solid arrow?

Also as a side note, the more things using gps, the more accurate it becomes on the iphone.

No, it’s not solid. It’s hollow, but colored. Thanks for the discussion, btw.

Go to privacy -> location services -> system services and see what’s turned on. Might want to enable a few other services to see if it improves your accuracy.

iOS has a fairly significant background location issue as of 13.4 or so which causes it to get stuck permanently delivering low accuracy results. Restarting your phone will help, given you’ve got multiple apps all with the same issue.

That explains it. Thanks

I’ve been having the same issue with iOS for the past 4 months or more.
It was bulletproof then it just started showing my wife and I around the corner from our hose regardless of what geolocation app we were using.

I think Apple location services just broke and nobody’s complaining to Apple about it.
Nor will they care…

This happened to my wife and I about a month or two ago. Our phones would show us constantly moving all over the place around our house and neighborhood. And our presense-based automations (both in HomeKit and HA) were not working properly.

I don’t know if this is related or not… And looking back on it, it was kind of a dumb way to do this… At the time, I was trying to set presence in HA based on our phone GPS. I had the following input_booleans pushed into HomeKit:

I had an automation in HA that ran every 5 minutes which flipped check_presense on. Then I had a HomeKit automation to set wife_presense and me_presense on or off depending on whether we were home when check_presense turned on. The idea was that it was always checking to see if we were home, and would set HA presense accordingly.

Our iOS GPS was bouncing all over the place at the same that that I had that automation. When I got rid of that stupidity, iOS started working correctly. I don’t know if it is related, but just throwing it out there in case anyone else is as dumb as me. It might just be timing. Or maybe iOS did not like getting pounded with HomeKit automations that use GPS.

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Maybe you should try to stay a little closer to your hose! :smile:

We’ve been camping out there. It got real wet today. Real shame.

Sounds like we’re all in the same boat. Thanks Apple.

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At this time of year a hose is exactly where you need to be.

Hose? Yes I started a garden this year.
Just messing with you.

It’s becoming problematic not to travel for work, so off I go now.
Also pediatric diseases don’t break for pandemics.

I know this thread is a little old, but I have been searching and this one came up. Like you, I also have very intermittent issues with gps with my iPhone. I have an automation that opens my garage door when I am “away” and come into my “home” zone within 200 feet. I have another automation that closes the door when I leave the “home” zone. So anyway, gps for me has to be accurate. But on a few occasions over the last 2 months, my garage door has opened in the middle of the night. The reason is, for some reason my gps location had me a few houses down and then back home, so it opened. One day, it opened up while I was at the gym over 2 miles away. I have to do more testing, but I almost want to say this only happens when I am connected to wifi. I have tested it with other phones in our house and it has happend to other phones. I have tried both device_tracker and “mobile app” and they both seem odd with the gps location.