iPhone location not updating

Hello everyone,

I think I’m going crazy. I must be overlooking something totally trivial, but right now I can’t figure out why the location of my girlfriend’s iPhone is no longer displayed.

  • It worked until about 2 weeks ago.
  • All known location sharing settings (see pictures below) are active.
  • It works flawlessly on my Android.
  • I even created an automation in the iPhone’s own ‘Shortcuts’ app, which updates the sensors every time my girlfriend comes home: nothing happens!
  • The other sensors seem to be working normally as far as I can tell. When I activate/deactivate sensors, I can see them immediately in HA.

Maybe someone here has another idea?

iOS settings:

HA settings:

What HA is showing:

Sorry, its in German, but I think you can figure it out.


I have the same problem. I am using the iCloud3-integration to track my wife’s iPhone with more precision than the app. But the integration uses zone changes to determine when to start tracking. It gets that from the HA app.

I have been struggling with this issue for months. The app is correctly configured to always allow location in background just as it should be. When I look at the location logs in her app, she is correctly tracked at the right times. I checked after she got home from work yesterday. I opened her app and looked at her logs. She was tracked outside of the zone and at several places on the way home.

This should trigger a zone exit in HA. But when checking the HA dashboard, even from her own phone, she was still at work. About an hour later the dashboard detected her at home. Is this a bug in core?

I know this issue since I was forced to use a iPhone by my employer. Android is fine (overly fine) but iPhone has odd behavior. Sometimes I get the data per minute, someimes I can travel for 20km without any change. I suspect (cannot prove) that the gps information is not shared quick(?) enough.