iPhone losing WiFi connection repeatedly

I’m using UniFi tracker for presence detection, but one of our’s phone keeps disconnecting WiFi, hence presence detection can’t be trusted.
Has anyone noticed this before? What should I do, if the other same kind of phone has stable connection?

Do you have “consider_home” on? Also I would use multiple device trackers. I am using Life 360, the iOS App, and ASUSWRT with the person component and I no longer have any issues with people falsely leaving home. Someone here can probably provide the details but iPhone go to sleep or something like that and regularly disconnect from WiFi so you probably will have to add at least one other type of tracker… but consider_home in your device tracker settings may help a little.

Well consider_home could be a soution, if the state wasn’t changing in certain occasions 4-30 minutes.
The other device works properly.

Tried another solution, forgetting SSID, and connecting again.
Will look after Life 360, thx.

My wife’s iPhone does this all the time, I have up just IMG WiFi as the iPhone does what it wants. I’ve setup Bluetooth on my pi to help with detection.

From what I’ve read iPhones disable their wifi when the screen is off and they’re not on a charger.

as I mentioned, this is an iPhone too.

Had no problem before with my gf’s phone, no idea what happened.