iPhone native App - looking for testers (update: Beta list closed)

Update 2/2/2018:

Than you for the great repose. I now have a closed list of beta users. Hoping to releasee first (crapy) version for initial testing this weekend and have a the thing up and running in the App Store in 2-3 weeks.

Hi there

I had decided to develop a native iOS app for HA.
The web based app is great - it provides amazing flexibility and very powerful user interface but I wanted something simpler for daily usage, something that will look and feel more like homekit without the homekit bridge.
The app is now ready for very (very very) initial testing. I am looking for some tester to check it out.

So if you feel like taking part of the beta testing, please send me your email.

You will get a test flight link in few days.



I’m in if you want some feedback.

I beta tested the current app and am willing to help too

I’m also more than willing to do some testing, and give you some feedback. I’m a little into programming, but never made an app.

count me in too

You can count me in too.

Please, don’t fill the forum with useless “me too” messages, if you are interested send a PM to @rbenamotz with your email address as requested.

Try to keep this thread useful to exchange news and feedback on the app.


Nothing wrong with showing a little support…

I’m in for testing :smiley:

I don’t know how to DM you, but count me in pls :slight_smile:

Keen to help

Any room left? Would love to help!

Darn, looks like I was too slow. I beta test lots of apps and would love to try this one too.

For me although it is a beta app. I can see your intention to let non-programer and newbie have a peace of mind from customizing to have a user friendly interface, get control devices easily.

Thank you very much.

I want to be in!!

I want to test :slight_smile:

Great start and thank you.
It all linked up nicely and work straight away this is just what the wife needs.
Are you going to allow the users to see what the programer sets in HA code or is the app going to have user selected buttons?

Great initiative!

Will your app be able to have more than one HA setup?

Would be nice e to have the home and the cabin in one app. And then within the app select what to control/monitor.

Just my two cent…

Can you share some screenshots?