iPhone sensors very slow to update


I want to make use of the iPhone battery level and state sensors to see if my iPhone is plugged in or unplugged. Unfortunately, these sensors are very unreliable since they take very long to update (can take some hours).

I have the iOS app installed and it also shows me a checkmark in the config file that the component is loaded. The same problem is with the iPad app.

Is this a common problem and will this be solved with the 2.0 version of the app? I’ve read that there will be a sensor for the Apple Watch with iOS13 which will be really nice if it works for sleep automation. So hopefully there is a fix to this problem… :slight_smile:

2.0 shows many more sensors… however the issue is that the sensors are only updated when the app “checks in” for a location update. So if you unplug your phone, it will not show it until the next location update (which I think is every 15-30 min - at least in 2.0) or on ‘significant’ location change,


You could try this I have not tried it myself but could have it run every 15 minutes or so.