iPhone switches back to home

Hi there,

since three days I have the problem that my iPhone switches back to home although I am at work.

Sometimes it enters the zone via iBeacon, sometimes via GPS.

I have a RPi running an iBeacon, my iPhone is on iOS 13.6 (no beta!) and I am on 0.113.3.

First I thought the RPi was not reachable and that caused the problem but the I had a switch to home without the iBeacon.

Do you have an idea where to search the error?

Thank you


EDIT: Deleted Mobile App Integration, deleted iOS App, rebootet the Host but HA still believes I am at home.

It’s helpful to have some of the debug information the app logs to see what’s happening. Inside the app, open the side menu and go to “App Configuration.” Once there, open the Event Log. You should see logs about location decisions.

One current red herring is the “too old” decision. You can ignore that particular one – it happens every time the app launches. Can you share what else you find there?