iPhones Not Showing in know_devices.yaml


First, thanks for all of the hard work on the iOS app!

I’ve been able to set up two iPhones and connect to my HA instance successfully. Battery level and status are both reporting to HA correctly. However, neither device is showing in know_devices and I have not been able to determine why this is. It seems like I’m not able to track the location of the devices, even though I’ve added track_ios: true to my customize file for the zones I’d like to track.

The iOS app also seems to show that everything is set up as expected.

Thanks in advance!

I’m having the same issue - HA adds the iOS status/Battery level however I can’t get them to show up in known_devices.yaml

Unable to get tracking working due to this it seems? Anyone have the same issue, or know of a resolution?

Change the name of your iPhones inside the iOS app. Chances are your iPhone is in known devices just combined with another decicd fracker.

Thanks! Did just that and it’s all good now