IPMA Portugal Integration

Hello everybody,
I hope I’m in the right place to ask the following questions:
I’ve noticed this detail for some time now but I always thought it would work again after some kind of update.

Is there any way to know the percentage of precipitation in the home assistant?
The only sensors that appear now are:


And I could also see the forecast for at least 5 days, and make templates with them. Now the forecast appears there as attributes, but how can I use them to make templates with them?

Thank you very much

Those parameters are all different depending on what weather service you use.

I’m using the Portuguese meteorological service, in Lisbon. And before, entities were created separately. But now not even precipitation exists as an entity and/or attributes.
If you go to the ipma.pt website, there is this information, of course.

Hi @karma

Can you download the Diagnostic file and share with me ? (I’m the code owner of the IPMA integration)

Hi @dgomes.
It’s better send you in pm this information?

Please do, you can also find me on discord

Just to leave some feedback:

IPMA provides precipitation_probability but the default card does not support that, only amount of precipitation which is not provided by IPMA

Use of a custom card is advised to get that information

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