IPP Integration and Print Count

I have Samsung brand printers in my network and I can get toner information from printers with IPP integration.

In addition, I want to see the print counts of the printers. The printer’s web panel has this information. How can I get this information to HA? Anyone have experience?


This is on HP… of course not sure how Samsung works the same but maybe a lead?
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Thank you prompt answer. let me try…

before installing all these sensors, try it out frm your ux prompt, example :

snmpget -v 2c -c public

trick will be to get the oid for samsung but I see those of lexmark and they were acquired by Samsung so maybe that helps

I’m getting “No Such Object available on this agent at this OID” message. I think cant find suitable OID yet. I’m trying…

logically as this is the HP oid… hence you challenge to find the correct one, in this link it shows lexmark stuff …you need to search the net, I donot have Samsung pts
Printer services (n-able.com)

And your printer needs to be reachable … mine just went to pause and the above snmp failed now


I think I found the magic command :slight_smile:

snmpwalk -v 1 -c public

yep… good find… I did not even look there

I just had a bit more time to look at this and it is a bit odd…snmpwalk kicks back a lot of things but not the range where I find the data along the link mentioned above e.g. I can find total pages printed but not the color pages printed and for this I do have another oid. I am not the snmp expert so need more time to try and find out what exactly I am getting
to be more precise,

  • snmpwalk : .…so never more than the 2
  • the oid I used is: .…

Finally I found a SNMP debug program https://www.paessler.com/tools/snmptester

there are 3 different counter for each black and color print. (Samsung 4060 printer)

first three for black last three for color. I just create 6 sensor and 2 template sensor for cumulative count.

Everything works well now.

Thank you for your support.

Much better indeed, the ‘walk’ from 1 provides now also those oid that snmpwalkt did not do (probably because I donot know how to provide CLI instuctions)…thanks for the update