IPTV STB MAG250 (remote)


It would be great if a remote component could be added/made for the Infomir MAG250 stb. http://www.infomir.eu/eng/products/archive/mag-250/ There is an app that I use today https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.humansoftware.irremotemag250trial but it would make things easier if it was integrated in HA.

Developer information (I don’t know if this is the required information) https://wiki.infomir.eu/eng/stb-webkit/for-developers/api

Thanks, Richard

I’ve been meaning to request this as well. All my devices are integrated into HA except for my Infomir STB. I suppose the work around would be to use a harmony hub but I’m certain there is a way to control via IP.