IPv6 only with Home Assistant OS?

I would like to have IPv6 only on my Home Assistant, but it’s seem the docker used doesn’t seem to have IPv6. How can we configure HA OS to have IPv6 only or at least have IPv6 offered on the docker started (automagically) on this “os” ?
(currently have HA OS v 11.5).
PS: I have IPv6 since 2005 at home, so yeah MOST of my devices runs with IPv6… don’t tell me IPv6 doesn’t work and being unusefull it saved my time several times.

HA itself should have IPV6, but not the addons, apparently.

You will get all types of errors with IPv6, like addons not working, integrations not working and problems with defining the IPv6 network in HA itself.
HAs support of IPv6 seems quite lacking.

I have yet to find a way to define multiple IPv6 addresses in HA, so I can have both fe80, fc00 and my DHCP-PD prefix. There also seems to be no way to insert your InterfaceI in addresses.
Integrations, like SNMP seems to lack IPv6 support, which is also the case for NodeRed palettes.

Well maybe in 2024 to have some IPv6 working stuff should be a good idea… Really… I don’t want see 240.x.x.x ip used … (see nanog mailing list).

Could you clarify what you’re talking about? I don’t have the reference :wink:

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Well some people want to use reserved prefix to global internet instead of moving into IPv6, see : https://mailman.nanog.org/pipermail/nanog/2024-February/224821.html

I published an experimental tutorial of how to get IPv6 inside the addon containers: RFC: Support IPv6 for network isolated add-ons · Issue #2133 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub

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