IR remote being replaced help

Hi Everyone,
I have a number of Solar Flood lights that are controlled by a Infra red remote. ( Seems to be similar to TV remote )
Is these anyway I will be able to control these Solar Flood lights with HA and NOT to walk outside to change a setting using the remote ?
Any ideas would be helpful ?

Well, which is it? 433, or IR? Those are NOT the same thing…


Sorry I was thinking it was a 433mhz remote but it has that little light on the end of the remote so it must be IR remote, apology

Have you considered using a splitter with a long IR emitter cable.

You could also do global cache ip2ir with long emitter cable and control everything from HA.

It is available in US as well I just happened to get the UK site.

That’s the reason I got solar flood lights is because I did not need to run cable to the lights. I doubt there is a solution accept for changing the electronics etc .
I thought it would be a good idea but seems not.

433mhz remotes usually have a light on the end that comes on when you press a button.

IR remotes have an emitter on the end but you can’t see it light up with the naked eye. If you look at it through your mobile phone camera you will be able to see it flash because the camera detects IR.

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Would a blaster work?