IR Remote Control To Control Sonoff switches

I Have a few Sonoff switches running tasmota, and a D1 Mini also running Tasmota, with an IR Receiver connected.
Is it possible to make a few buttons on the IR Remote toggle the Sonoff switches?
Tasmota posts a button press to mqtt topic, tele/wemos/RESULT
and the payload looks like this:
“IrReceived”: {
“BITS”: 32,
“DATA”: “FE7A85”
I would like to use homeassistant to toggle a switch on a different mqtt topic when it sees this payload, is that possible?

I finally achieved this after reading through the sonoff rf thread, the info there on parsing json helped.

First i create a binary sensor in the configuration.yaml

  • platform: mqtt
    hidden: true
    name: “Remote Control Button 1”
    payload_on: “FE708F”
    payload_off: “off”
    device_class: opening
    state_topic: “tele/wemos/RESULT”
    value_template: ‘{{ value_json.IrReceived.DATA }}’

then in the automations.yaml i put this;

  • action:
    • service: switch.toggle
      entity_id: switch.hall_lamp
    • service: mqtt.publish
      topic: tele/wemos/RESULT
      payload: ‘off’
      retain: true
      alias: Remote 1 on
      hide_entity: true
      condition: []
      id: ‘1529453626760’
    • entity_id: binary_sensor.remote_control_button_1
      from: ‘off’
      platform: state
      to: ‘on’