IR Remote Transmitter for HA?

Can anyone recommend the best controller to use, so HA can control various devices that use those cheap IR/RF color changing remotes?
I found some older posts that mention Broadlink RF Pro, i could only find Broadlink RM Pro. And no very recent posts on this topic.
I was hoping someone can direct me to whatever is the latest and greatest controller of this type.

My issue is i have a bunch of lights that have their own individual remote that can power it on/off, dim, change colors, etc… And i tend to lose them.
I just got another thing that came with one of those little cheap remotes that changes colors, patterns, speed, on/off control, etc. But this one is for a pool fountain.

I really was hoping there is some sort of solution i can implement to use these devices from HA.

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Broadlink RM3 / RM4 Mini. Then setup with SmartIR. Definitely a brilliant combination, I’ve been using for years.

I actually just edited my post. I did see some posts mentioning Broadlink RF Pro.
I couldn’t even find that on sale anymore. Now its just Broadlink RM Pro.
Does it do the same thing? I am also reading the RM Mini is better than the Pro. Which is kind of strange.

Is there anything else i need to use it with?
I saw something about this GitHub - smartHomeHub/SmartIR: Integration for Home Assistant to control climate, TV and fan devices via IR/RF controllers (Broadlink, Xiaomi, MQTT, LOOKin, ESPHome)
But again, it says nothing about what i need it for.

How do you get the raw data?

Might need to verify first if the remote using ir, rf or some proprietary protocol

I’ve been using the Broadlink RM Mini3 to control my televisions from Home Assistant for years.

I tested the remote and looks like IR to me. Since i see a blinking red light at the tip. And usually a RF remote has some marking with frequency on the back, this one has no markings at all.

The mini is IR only, no RF. Pro has RF as well but at an additional cost.

Thats what I mentioned above.

Use the IR learn command and send the Broadlink a command from the original remote. Or you codes found online.

The broadlink mini should be sufficient, just plug it and add to ha. Unless if you have other rf device you need to control around the house

Another diy option is wemos d1 mini with ir shield

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RF also doesn’t have an IR LED on the front… :wink:

Well that kind of gives it away then. lol
At least for this fountain light, its IR.

Easiest way to confirm with 100% certainty if your remote is IR is to look at the top of the remote through a phone camera while pressing a button.

If you see the led flash purple through your phone, it’s IR

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I really shouldn’t have posted before the coffee kicked in.