Iris smart plug is a "light"

entity_id starts with “light” and it doesn’t work with generic thermostat; I have to do the template switch workaround. I thought lights need to have dimming capability? Is this a platform-designated thing?


I dont know this plug (what HA platform ?) but I am working on generic_thermistat fix to allow any toggle device as heater switch.

If you are interested, I can provide my code.

With a few clicks I found your work myself :wink:

This next gen “Iris Smart Plug” is a Zigbee HA 1.2 device and works with the zha platform. It’s a simple on/off toggle with power monitoring (the latter is not yet implemented in Hass). Other companies usually refer to this type of plug as an “appliance module”.

I was primarily curious about where exactly the switch vs. light distinction comes from. Is it arbitrarily decided by the platform?