IRmqtt (open source project about IR for HomeAssistant)

Hello everyone, I am a fan of HomeAssistant. Recently I have an open source project about infrared remote control. I want to invite you to develop this project with me.
About the project description:
This project uses the IRext open source infrared library. The project uses the ESP series module to write the firmware of the project. After setting the module with the APP, the HomeAssistant universal remote control infrared device can be realized through MQTT communication.
At present, I have completed the remote control of the common brand air conditioner at HomeAssistant, supporting the control of the temperature, mode, wind direction and wind speed of the air conditioner.
The next development plan is to connect the fan, TV, sweeping robot… to HomeAssistant.

Open source project address:

My contact email: [email protected]

Remarks: Because my English is not good, so use Google Translate, please understand that the meaning of the language is not smooth.


The diagram on your github home page doesn’t show any information flowing into Home Assistant, so how will HA know what state the ESP or the devices are in?

Interesting but how do you “learn” the IR code you need ?

from the Irext ir liabrary