iRobot i7 dont refresh state after cleaning

I got a iRobot i7, shows up fine in the interface, but if it reaches “returning to dock” phase, then it is stuck in it forever, untill i reset the HA server. Any ideas of how to fix this?


Picture one is 45 minutters after ended cleaning

Log is empty

After a Restart state is docked, and status is charging

Might be this?

I’ve got the same issue - looking forward to the fix.

Yeah thats excatly my problem, Guess er have to wait then:)

You can downgrade to 0.117.6 and the iRobot integration will function again.

you can do it from a terminal with “ha core update --version=0.117.6”

Yes, the same here with 0.118.3

Does not Work in 1.0.0b eighter