Irrigation for small yard recommendations?

Hi everyone, now that summer is around the corner, im looking for a solution to automate my irrigation in my front lawn. The townhouse I bought has a small front yard and the guy installed a sprinkler system. He had just a hose that ran out to it from the garage and a timer. I was wondering if there’s anything out there that’s wifi for just 1 zone. If not, what’s the cheapest option that works with HASS? Thanks in advance.

Perhaps a sonoff wifi switch and a solenoid valve?

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Thanks. I’ll check it out

If you have z wave there is a timer that is z wave.

I have one due the garden fountain.

Lowe’s sells it.

The lawn systems I have built and seen all use 24V AC solenoid valves designed for the purpose( google “sprinkler solenoid valve”). You can get them at any home depot, lows, amazon. So if you have the 24V transformer and the solenoid you can use any device that can switch the 24V to activate the solenoid. The solenoid valve is about $15 and the 24V transformer is about $15.

EDIT: Make sure the transformer can deliver enough current to power the solenoid. I did not check the transformer below.

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Oh thanks. I’m going to look for this in Canada. I like the simplicity of the timer. I think it could probably work with a Wink hub.

Thanks fo the suggestion! I appreciate it.