IRsun Panel Integration

Hi Everyone,

I hope you guys are doing well,

I am kind of a new user Home Assistant. I have been trying to learn what we are capeble to do in HA day by day.

I am stuck in position where I can not integrate my Infrared heating panel throught to my controller panel which I beleive there no way that I can integrate in my HA.

I have sunlife infrared heating in my living room as well as infrared mirror heating system in my bathroom. I was able to intagrate my mirror by smartlife app through to HA.

But could not anyway to connect my living room IR. I am using IRSun panel for these heating panel. There is no alexa nor google home supporting system by their app. I am just wondering is there anyway that I can integrate panel into my HA.

I will leave here the link of the panel in advanced to be able to show you which panel I have been using. ( Home - IR Sun )

Btw there is no other way that I can not connect my heating panel to other application. Controller panel only connect with their application. (As far as I figure it out)

I am appreciative from now if anything that you guys can do for me.


The IR-panels are only controlled by switching it on/off, not bu reducing power as I understand it. Therefore you can just put a smart-plug there and switch that, no app needed.

I switch my bathroom mirror on at a certain time and when temperature below threshold (or manually at the plug) and off after 30min running using a timer. That way it will never run too long unattended even when switched on manually.

Thanks for the response.

I have 3 IR-panels in my home 2 of them are connected to IRSun panel which is actually works pretty good. I do not have to switch it on/off at anytime I can setup schecule mode as well as They will reduce emission as soon as they have reached the certain temperature that you have target it. Mirror one is different brand that I can control it by smartlife application that works also exactly same as the other ones. None of them are connected to plug btw.

You are using the Smartlife app to talk to this. That is Tuya. Look at :

Tuya - Home Assistant.

I am using only one of them with smartlife which is already being controlled by HA. The rest of them connected to IRSun app which I have no other options to use another app. My question is only about IRsun app.

Is it the same hardware? if so pull them all into tuya.
Toss the other app. Otherwise don’t know.

It does not seem to me same hardware. There is no different way to connect them in their app as well as could find any.
Thanks for your helping btw